What Benchmarking Means to Multifamily

As many municipalities consider or have already imposed regulations that mandate energy consumption reporting, multi-family residential building owners and managers take notice.

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EPA Energy Star benchmarking: tracking and reporting.

What started as a voluntary computer and printer labeling program in 1992 has expanded into a far-reaching international standard, and ENERGY STAR is still expanding its reach.

ES Benchmark BldgsToday, ENERGY STAR is on the move from below the kitchen counter to the entire multifamily building. With an increasing number of municipalities imposing regulations that mandate energy consumption reporting to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, everyone in the multi-family building space should take notice.

For the first time in Chicago – beginning June 1, 2016 – residential buildings larger than 50,000 square feet are required to comply with the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance and  must track whole-building energy use, report it to the City annually, and verify data accuracy every 3 years.

DRF Water Heating Solutions can help properties achieve their benchmarking goals while drastically reducing energy use and costs with a complimentary assessment of your properties.

Read more about what benchmarking means to multi-family properties (PDF)