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We know that owning or managing a multi-family or commercial property comes with many pain points. One of them can be water waste.

We have a lot of statistics, testimonials and published stories that will show you how prevalent water waste is, how difficult it can be to find and solve on your own, and how water bills (and insurance premiums) decrease when a solution is found.

In short, we can identify any water waste you may have, find a solution and apply it to your property.

DRF is dedicated to our employees, customers and potential customers. We just like helping people by doing what we do best: water solutions. We are the premier Water Management Solution provider in the US.  We work with property owners and mangers saving cost, reducing risk, and creating additional cash flows through technology driven water waste and risk mitigation solutions.

Now, those statistics we mentioned…

Water costs are increasing at an alarming rate with no end in sight. Nationally, water rates increased over 56% from 2010 to 2019* – and Chicago saw one of the highest increases at 115.5% from 2010 to 2022**.

The only way to save money is to reduce consumption – and the best way to reduce consumption is to eliminate both obvious and hidden leaks. No matter the size of your property – 6 units or 600 unit multi-family property or commercial properties of any size – our water assessment program is saving properties 30% or more on water costs.

Contact us today to schedule a Level 1 Assessment to identify how much water is being wasted at your property and your potential savings. Designed to identify glaring water issues, this basic audit includes a walk-through assessment, review of utility bills and other data, plus interviews with you and your staff.

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Learn more about our H2Ossessment Resources Evaluation Program (PDF).

Learn more about Multi-Family Property Resource Solutions (PDF).

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