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Smart Watering: Simplifying Lawn and Garden Care

A healthy, beautiful lawn or garden needs just the right amount of water to thrive – too much and the plants will drown, not enough and they’ll wither away. For homeowners and building managers alike, it’s a delicate balance that can be hard to achieve, especially when taking the weather into account. It’s easy to over-water on warmer days and under-water on cooler days – but what’s the alternative?

Smart irrigation takes the guesswork out of it.

Hydrawise smart irrigation systems automatically adjust watering based on highly accurate, local weather data pulled from internet sources. The system interprets the current forecast as well as past temperature data to ensure that just enough water is being used. This technology, working with Hydrawise’s Predictive Watering™, fine tunes watering based on the weather data, never over- or under-watering. This precision promises accuracy and optimal lawn and garden care, and also leads to significant water savings over a traditional sprinkler system. A hands-off approach to lawn and garden maintenance that’s designed to achieve the best results and cost savings. What’s not to love? Hydrawise smart irrigation systems are the perfect solution.

Smart Controllers for Smart Irrigation

Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Systems use smart controllers to allow ultimate control over watering. Benefits of these smart controllers include:

Smart Weather Adjustment

Beyond user-friendly software and controllers, Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Systems can pull weather data from the internet to automatically adjust to current conditions. This ensures optimal watering – no flooded or dried-out landscaping. 

Other benefits of Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Systems include:

Water Management and Advanced Reporting

Being able to get a birds-eye view of your watering schedule is important; managing irrigation, tracking water use and more is all possible with Hydrawise. Here’s how:

Hydrawise Smart Irrigation by Hunter

Hydrawise Smart Irrigation Systems by Hunter are smart irrigation, simplified. You’ll save water and maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape. With data and controls available anytime, anywhere, Hydrawise provides the smart irrigation system you’ve been dreaming of.

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