DRF uses the finest and most reliable irrigation system components in the industry.

Hunter PS Spray Sprinklers

PS Spray Sprinklers: The All-in-One Sprinkler for Small Areas, Odd Angles and Meandering Landscapes

Whether it’s an oddly-shaped lawn, a curvilinear shrub bed or a narrow strip, the PS gets it precisely. With efficient water distribution from truly proficient nozzles that are built right into the sprinkler. Each integral nozzle has adjustable radius and discharge rates for precise fitting to the landscape. Adjustable arc versions let contractors easily create patterns of 1 to 360 degrees for even more versatility. There’s an extra-large filter screen to trap more debris than most. It’s factory-installed at the bottom, yet easy to remove for cleaning.

Hunter PGP Spray Sprinklers

PGP Spray Sprinklers: The World’s Best Selling Rotor for Residential and Light Commercial Applications.

It’s the product that’s been at the top of the best-seller list for more than a decade. No one will ever be able to imitate its patented features and Hunter’s years of experience in gear-driven technology. Setting the standard for contractors and designers, it’s become the #1 selling rotor in the world. With features like a large dirty water screen and the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from continuously improved, precision engineered nozzles, this is a residential and light commercial sprinkler that is simply unmatched for reliability, durability or versatility. It’s also unmatched in value – no sprinkler in its class comes close when the subject is cost-efficiency.

Hardie Valves

Designed and developed for light commercial and residential use, these rugged “electric globes” offer debris-tolerant operation and a high-flow, low-friction-loss design for optimum performance in potable and dirty water applications.


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