My hot water recirculation line does not seem to be working since my new water heater was installed. Why?

Higher government-mandated efficiencies have adapted the way water heaters are installed and function. This could be the cause. A professionally installed recirculating pump may be the answer to solve this issue.


There have recently been a few customers who have experienced problems with their “gravity/expansion-based recirculating lines” on their plumbing system after the installation of a new water heater. These recirculating systems are designed to function based on the gravity/thermal characteristics of hot water WITHOUT the aid of a “Recirculation Pump”.

The most common reason for this is due to new “Heat Trap Nipples” being included in/with water heaters in response to higher efficiencies being mandated for water heaters through NAECA 3* (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act).  The Heat Trap Nipples prevent the gravity/thermal expansion characteristics from “moving” water through the recirculating lines as they previously had. The “Heat Trap Nipples” function through a “rubber flapper” that restricts the flow of water out of the water heater until a faucet/fixture is opened.

A professional solution to correct this issue is to install one of the recirculation pumps we offer. These will push hot water through the recirculating lines at the desired times of the day based on setting the timer included with the pump.