My neighbor is pretty handy – can’t he install my water heater?

This may not be the safest - and in fact, legal option for you to consider. For a variety of reasons having a licensed professional is the key to a safe installation.


Most states require that plumbing work – including water heater installations – must be installed according to code and work completed by a licensed plumber. When you hire an unlicensed plumber, a handyman or even a neighbor to do the work you are potentially exposing your family to a dangerous situation.  Water heaters can fail or harm your family in a variety of ways. From gas and water leaks to carbon monoxide problems – tragedy can result.  It’s recommended to have a trained professional safely and quickly install your new water heater.  What’s more, even if all goes well the new water heater’s warranty could be voided based on and improper installation – and when it comes time to sell your home you may wind up in a problematic situation that could have been done right first.