Should I be concerned about galvanized pipe?

Often in homes with galvanized pipe sediment from the deterioration of the pipe is loosened during the process of draining and re-pressurizing the water system.


Galvanized piping deteriorates from the inside out. This condition causes rust, sediment and other debris to be forced into faucets throughout the home. The process of draining and re-pressurizing the water system often knocks loose the above-mentioned debris. This will cause a faucet or faucets to clog and severely restrict the flow of water to that faucet. We will exercise caution but this condition is not preventable and may occur.

Directly after a new water heater has been installed conditions may exist that restrict water flow in your home or cause sediment to be present in your water. The most common reason for this to occur is galvanized piping in the home in question. The deterioration of the galvanized pipe also makes it extremely weak and susceptible to breaking at the slightest touch. Leaks occurring from sections not directly worked on but possibly jarred or touched during work are the homeowner’s responsibility.