What are potential causes of smelly water?

A new water heater can potentially cause smelly water and a rotten egg smell in the hot water if there is an issue with the water quality of the water source.


Here are some reasons why you may experience a rotten egg smell in your hot water, especially after the installation of a new water heater:

It’s important to note that these issues can also happen in older water heaters as well, and not only in new ones. To address this problem, you should have a licensed professional inspect the installation, complete a water quality test, check for the presence of sulfur bacteria or high levels of sulfates, and test the water source. They will also check the anode rod and the plumbing. Based on their findings, they will recommend the necessary steps to eliminate the smell and prevent it from reoccurring.

NOTE: Water quality is a fluid and dynamic state that changes continually. As water quality changes, the needed solutions must also change and adapt if perfect water quality is desired.