How to Prepare Your Water Systems for Winter

Winter is right around the corner. While we look forward to the first snowfall, crisp air, and holiday spirit, we also realize that coming temperature changes can affect our day-to-day activities. This shift in temperature not only lengthens your commute and time spent shoveling the driveway, but it impacts your building’s boiler system.

It is wise to take the necessary steps in the fall, before the winter winds reach your city. By taking the small steps early on, you can prevent larger issues and countless maintenance calls when the cold comes and your boiler is having issues. When your boiler is latent for months, you can easily overlook an issue or problem that will be difficult and costly to fix when the cold weather arrives. More painful than the cost of repairs are the screams of residents left without heat or hot water.

Even a small leak in your water heater can quickly result in major problems. Along with lower performance, if the leak goes unnoticed it can cause serious water damage. Proper and regular maintenance now will protect you from unexpected expenses and problems down the road.

Most boilers are utilizing very old technology that is highly inefficient compared to the new technology that is available. According to The Green Age, old boilers run at around 78% efficiency, where as a new boiler can run up to 91% efficiency. Equally as impactful as the efficiency improvement is the gains from improved controls and modulation. The money saved by reducing consumption will pay for the new boiler in a reasonable amount of time.

Replacing or updating your boiler will provide you and your building with multiple benefits. Most noticeable, you will find your energy consumption reduced since the new boilers are smaller in size, have better control capabilities and are far more efficient. In addition to the financial savings, they are better for the environment and often will improve overall comfort levels in the building.

Boilers can give off a number of pollutants such as smog producing compounds, carbon monoxide, and greenhouse gases. The use of new boiler technology will help minimize these pollutants and do less damage to the environment.

Your energy bills are largely determined by the fuel efficiency of your equipment. The new eco-friendly boiler models will help you save on your energy bills and provide more efficient heating of your building. Tenants and residents of your building will also appreciate the more even heat application and improved comfort of a new boiler.

It is very important to bring in proven professionals to asses, design, install and maintain your boiler system. Just as you wouldn’t hire an accountant to perform your surgery, you should always hire licensed professionals to maintain and install your building’s space heating and domestic hot water systems.

DRF Water Heating Solutions has helped commercial buildings, multi-family properties and educational facilities save millions of dollars, millions of therms of gas and millions of gallons of water. By assessing and recommending upgrades to your mechanical systems, we can help you save as much as 40% on your energy costs.

Contact DRF Water Heating Solutions today to find out how you can assess your building’s water related expenditures and start reducing consumption. Our experts will guide you through the process as well as provide a complimentary level 1 water assessment that will identify areas to reduce costs and become more energy efficient.