Progress Continues at Chatham Park Village Cooperative as DRF Installs Energy Efficient Boilers

The installation of new energy efficient boilers is underway at Chatham Park Village Cooperative (CPVC) in Chicago, Ill., that will improve the efficiency of the heating system. The 50-year-old boilers and commercial water heaters were operating around 70% efficiency, requiring regular maintenance, and maximizing utility costs. DRF Water Heating Solutions, Plainfield, Ill., partnered with Kane Property Management to find an energy-efficient solution.

New boilers installed by DRF improve heating system efficiency

DRF, in collaboration with Metropolitan Industries, Romeoville, Ill., designed a space heating system and domestic hot water system utilizing Laars modulating condensing boilers and indirect water heaters. The new energy efficient boilers will operate at 95% efficiency. The indirect water heaters, utilizing the new boilers as the heat source, eliminate standby loss and operate as high as 99% efficient. DRF helped CPVC obtain a rebate of more than $500,000 from Peoples Gas, the largest rebate awarded by a utility company in the Chicago area, to assist with the project cost.

Through mid-January, DRF has replaced boilers and water heaters in more than 30 of the 63 buildings at CPVC. To expedite installation, and eliminate occupant discomfort during this extremely cold winter, DRF completes a pre-build of each boiler and water heater combination at their shop in Plainfield, Ill. Each CPVC building undergoes a dismantling and carry out of old boilers and installation of new energy efficient boilers in just one day. The water heater replacement is also completed in one day.

The new space heating system and domestic hot water system at CPVC is projected to save 262,000 therms per year. The environmental impact is equivalent to saving annual greenhouse gas emissions from 290 passenger vehicles. Savings of $4 million in energy costs are estimated over the next 20 years. Immediately, the new system will improve resident comfort, increase energy efficiency, and reduce boiler maintenance.

To learn more about this energy efficiency project, or potential savings opportunities at your property, contact DRF today.