Smelly Water – What makes that nasty smell? And is it really harmless?

“Smelly Water” – Smelling Eggs When No one’s Making Breakfast?

Ever smell that nasty smell of “rotten eggs” coming from your water?

No worries, this “smelly water” is not toxic. Most often “smelly water” will be noticed with well water or typically when a water heater has not been used for a long period of time (vacations, etc.).

But why? What makes that nasty smell? And is it really harmless?

The smell is an effect of the combined presence of hydrogen, sulfur, and bacteria. In every water heater there is an anode rod installed within the tank which protects the tank’s surface, but this is also what can generate just enough hydrogen to create an odor when it interacts with the sulfur in the water or bacteria in the tank.

Once the hydrogen and sulfur combine to form the hydrogen sulfide gas that gives off the rotten egg, smelly, odor to the water.

The smelly water is harmless and is non-toxic, but it still smells horrible and you don’t want to cook, bathe or wash dishes and clothes in it… so what to do?

There are several different ways to deal with a smelly water problem, and DRF Water Heating Solutions can help with this or any other water-related issue. Contact us for help in answering questions about water and water heaters. We can also help guide you to the perfect solution to any plumbing-related problem.

So when the old steel beast smells like he’s making rotten eggs for breakfast– It’s time to call the hot water experts at DRF where a professional, licensed plumber can provide you with a trusted solution.